Omnis Components

Omnis Components

Plug-ins that extend the power and flexibility of Omnis Studio...

TigerLogic provides components for adding functionality to your Omnis web and mobile apps, as well as the SDKs to allow you to create your own JavaScript and other components.
Many components developed by third-parties are also listed here.



Omnis components from third-party developers

Omnis Studio has many built-in and commercially available components that extend its power and functionality. There are several third-party developers who create their own Omnis components for sale or free download. Please click on the links below to view some of the components that are available for Omnis Studio.

Brainy Data have components such as PDF, Word Processing, and spell checking. GRS has created a TAPI component which provides a powerful interface with telephone systems.
Artificia have external components for encryption, image management, and a logfile utility. MasterObjects components extend the power of Omnis Studio, including PlanBoard and MasterStudio.
DirectLine Technologies have extensions for PC-telephony, TCP/IP comms, and many others for Studio and Omnis 7. Fizz Software has created a project scheduler and other comps for Omnis, as well as apps for Smartphones.
Advanced Concepts provide the ACWrite component for complete word-processing in Studio and Omnis 7.

If you create components for Omnis Studio and you want to be added to this list, please
email us

Kelly Burgess of Mission Mountain Software has built up an extensive list of extensions and components for Studio and Omnis 7. MS Mail External- April 2008
v1.3.2 release for Win32 platforms only. By Kelly Burgess