Omnis Components

Omnis Components

Plug-ins that extend the power and flexibility of Omnis Studio...

TigerLogic provides components for adding functionality to your Omnis web and mobile apps, as well as the SDKs to allow you to create your own JavaScript and other components.
Many components developed by third-parties are also listed here.



You can extend the functionality in Omnis Studio by creating your own components using C++ and including them in your applications. You can create components for the JavaScript Client to use in your web and mobile apps, and you can customize the Omnis DAMs, or create External Components and Java Objects.

The following SDK (source code) will allow you to create your own components to add to your web and mobile apps that use JavaScript Client based remote forms.

JavaScript Component SDK Win32 source (1.2 MB)
  OSX source (1.4 MB)
JavaScript Component Docs Online JSSDK

You can create your own Studio components using C++ and include them in your applications. You can download the source and documentation that will help you create your own components. The documentation needed to create Java Objects is also available here.

Omnis Component Source Win32/64 source (6.1 MB)
  MacOSX source OSX-SDK...dmg (3 MB)
  Linux source Linux-SDK...taz (1.1 MB)
External Component Documentation PDF Extcomp.pdf (1.9MB)
Omnis Java API Manual
(Omnis Studio 4 & above)
PDF Omnis_Java_API.pdf (204KB)

The DAM SDK lets you develop customized Non-Visual Unicode Data Access Modules for use with Omnis Studio 6.x. The DAM SDK contains the DAM API base library (damlib) as well as source code for a sample/generic DAM that you can use as a starting point.
Please refer to the reference manual for instructions on installing, building and developing.

DAM SDK Win 32/64-bit (1 MB)
  Mac OS X 32-bit (1 MB)
  Linux 64-bit (1.6 MB)
DAM API Reference PDF DAMAPI.pdf (912KB)