World class technical support for all Omnis programmers.

At TigerLogic we recognize that development support is as important as the software we provide,
vital in allowing you to develop, deploy and maintain your Omnis applications as quickly and as easily as possible.
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We have created a series of free webinars designed to help you learn more about Omnis Studio.
Click on the thumbnail to see a preview then choose a topic from the list of webinars shown below. Pick a date that's convenient for you and sign up (on the next page). We'll email you with instructions before the webinar takes place.
Webinars in English take place at 15:00 CET (14:00 UK time, 09:00 ET).

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1. Introduction to Omnis Studio
This webinar provides a general introduction to Omnis Studio and shows in practice how you can develop a functional application and integrate it with a database within a few minutes. You will gain an overview of the power and functionality of Omnis Studio and an introduction to developing mobile, web and client/server applications with Omnis Studio.

2. Developing Mobile Applications with Omnis JavaScript Client
This webinar shows you how quickly and easily you can create mobile applications with the new Omnis JavaScript Client technology. Omnis enables you to develop powerful applications with high performance that will run on all types of mobile devices under Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.

3. Developing Web Applications with Omnis JavaScript Client
This webinar shows you how quickly and easily you can create powerful, high-performance web applications, with the new Omnis JavaScript Client, that will run in all web browsers and on mobile devices of all kinds. With Omnis Studio you can also use Web Services and many other web based technologies.

4. Developing Standalone Mobile Applications
This webinar introduces the development of JavaScript mobile applications that run without server connections. This Serverless Client supports a local client-side database and we will show how to store the data on the device. Once the client has internet access again the local data can be synchronized against your enterprise database system through the Omnis Studio SyncServer.