Omnis Developer Partner Program

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If you intend to use Omnis Studio over the long term as your main application development tool, the most beneficial and cost effective developer support option for you is the Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP).

The ODPP is available for single developers, as well as teams of multiple developers, and provides significant benefits and cost savings when compared to purchasing the Omnis Studio package outside of the program.


Omnis Studio 6.2 Beta 1

64-bit and Cocoa on OS X
The next version of Omnis Studio 6.2 for OS X will be built on Apple's Cocoa framework. Applications built using Cocoa have a consistent look-and-feel and perform well on the latest Apple hardware including desktops and mobile devices. These improvements should be evident in the Omnis IDE and carry over into your Omnis apps.

High Definition Displays
With the introduction of Retina displays on Mac desktops and laptops, and 4k displays widely becoming the standard for other operating systems, Omnis Studio 6.2 supports high resolution display of the IDE for development and end user applications for deployment.

List Pager
A new property of List and Grid components to display list lines in separate pages to improve the user experience when navigating lists or grids with a large number of lines. When enabled, the list is sub-divided into a number of pages and a set of page numbers, as well as forward and back buttons, are displayed under the list or grid box which the end user can click or tap to 'page through' the lines in the list of grid.

Omnis Studio 6.2 Beta 1 is now available. If you are a member of the ODPP and would like to apply for the Beta, please complete this form.